An apology and a trip

Omg! If any of you are fans of my blog, (a.k.a, sushies) I’m so, so, sorry that I haven’t posted for a long time, especially when I told you guys that I would edit the previous post (How to become an Anime Otaku in a week) because it was incomplete the day after I posted it! And it’s really hard to type because I am using my iPad to type and do you want to know why? Because the keyboard keeps going away (do you even understand that?) 

Well, most of you want to know why did I suddenly disappear. After I posted the previous post, I forgot I was going to Japan to visit my sister who is doing her second MBA course in Hitotsubashi University. Me and my family will be going there for ten days. I  should have blogged on my sister’s MacBook but I kept playing Animal Jam (this is embarrassing, but I’m addicted to Animal Jam although I’m too old for it).

To make up for it, I have a really long post to show you. But I’m in L’Occitane Café in Shibuya right now. It might take a long time to write so, see ya later sushies! 😝




Just a soon-to-be 11 year old,sushi lover,and an anime otaku (I suppose?) and also dreams of being a novelistar in the future

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