Getting your senpai to notice you

I don’t know why on earth am I doing this? Meh, next year, for the girls and boys who want their crush to notice them, well I have a few tips for them! 😛

download (1).jpg


  • Heheh, you have to sacrifice yourself for this(girls only). If you see your senpai like running, walk in front of him and let him bump you till you fall to the ground. There is a chance senpai will say sorry to you and probably help you up if he is that nice
  • Find any social media that senpai might be in (Facebook, Skype, Instagram) and have the opportunity to talk to him/her (at least make sure to talk to a few other people you don’t know and let him/her know you for a while)
  • If you are willing to do this, steal, (Yes, I just said steal) something from senpai (something kinda precious to him/her) But you got to be sneaky for this. It has to look like he/she dropped the thing so you can pretend to return it to him/her. This tactic is recommended if you are the same class as your crush.
  • If you are sitting next to senpai, pretend you need to borrow something from him/her. Meant for people who are brave enough.


images (1).jpg

Well, I don’t have that many tips but after noticing you, you have to be the most perfect boy/girl senpai has ever seen. Here are a few tips!

  • It doesn’t matter if you have to change or anything! Be yourself! But if you are a bad person, it’s best to act like a nice person (unless your crush is a bad person :P)
  • If you are near him/her, just act normal! If you are like, CRAZY nervous, take deep breaths! It’ll be alright! But if you want him/her to know that you like them, just be that person who is always shy around his/her crush.
  • If he/she ever talks to you, don’t be scared. Just act like that normal person that doesn’t mind talking to anyone. If you are scared, like I said, take deep breaths. You might be used to talking to senpai if you keep communicating and can form a relationship (friends) with him/her
  • Try to dress nicely and be a nice person. Being rude or snobby will make him/her turn in disgust.

Well, that’s all for today! I don’t think this might help much, but tell me if it helps. Bye bye sushies! >3<



Just a soon-to-be 11 year old,sushi lover,and an anime otaku (I suppose?) and also dreams of being a novelistar in the future

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