Birthday with BFF

I was supposed to post this yesterday or two days ago, but I forgot XD. Now, this post is about my birthday at Setia City Mall with my friend, Umai!

A few days before the event, I told my two friends, U (Umai) and S. Hmm…their parents were not sure about it…but, U’s parents let her, well she followed her sister and her friends.

S said her mother was at work, she was like, begging me to call her mom but I told her that I was scared to talk to adults that I’m not familiar with,(coward lol), but for friends, I WILL. I called her mother…and, woohoo! She will send her! But actually, I left a very important detail…..

At 2.00 p.m, I went to the mall with my father and brother, I went to the MPH bookstore as promised, but my friends weren’t there so I searched the whole store (going to be hard because this is trickier than Kinokuniya although it’s bigger). But I couldn’t find them….but I remember U at the cinema so I went there.

Still no sign of them!

        I had to borrow my brother’s phone since I did not have one and I used messenger to contact my friends because I forgot their phone numbers. U wasn’t answering and S could not come! (I was guessing her mother was very busy) Oh well, I just went to Sushi Tei first. Later, S told me that U was at the karouke so I rushed there. U was there!!!! 😀

        We went to Typo and me and U used our money to buy three of these notebooks (one for S) (Refer to the picture below)20

   I was planning to buy a pencil case, but my mind was spoilt by choosing all the beautiful patterns! XD

Next stop: The playground

We wanted to go to the field but it was closed for some event (awww) but we just went to the playground. Yeah, yeah. The playground is ACTUALLY a place for kids under 8 but who cares anyway? There are these really big and cool monkey bars. U and I played these bubbles,12247161_864356773672310_6080383100615179739_n.jpg

Then we tried those monkey bars (top left) I gotta tell you, it’s really scary but how come a boy whose way… younger than us was not really scared XD

To be continued………Bye bye sushies!



Just a soon-to-be 11 year old,sushi lover,and an anime otaku (I suppose?) and also dreams of being a novelistar in the future

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