IMPIANA-Ain Maisarah

Hey hey sushies! It’s been a long time since my last post! (actually I was working on a draft yesterday) So, today, I am going to do a review about this book I have been reading yesterday.It’s actually a book in Malay so probably some of you who are not from Malaysia or do not understand Malay might not understand.

So let’s get going!

Basically, if you are an Ain Maisarah fan, you’ll know that this story is basically a story ten years ahead of the Aku Mahu series.There are five books in the series,1-Perangkap Pertama,2-Tiada Jalan Keluar,3-Misteri Terbongkar,4-Finale and the coming soon,5-Origin.

(spoiler alert!)The story is basically about the story of the students of Sri Bangsar school ten years ahead.It will feature The Wannababes group, Fahrin and Farah, Mimi Monira, Shazarina and her brother Amir, and many more.It is basically the sequel of the book Aku Mahu Buli because this student named Mimi Monira who is very fat (size XXL) gets bullied by the most popular and powerful group in the school which is The Wannababes. These seven divas organise the greatest bullying session in history! (you know what,I’ll talk about that in a different post)

Enough of that! No blood or gore or anything probably a little bit, ok, ok, ok what is this book about? It is about Impiana Sdn.Bhd,a company on the internet that will fulfill everyone’s dreams in three months! (omg is that even possible?!) Well,in the series,it is.The thing is,you have to pay RM7000 for each dream,DON’T ever, ever break the rules that the company will give you, or else you’re gonna get a shocking surprise!

Now, for my opinion on this book,it is very interesting and it has a few jokes, some action in it, and seriously, I really feel sorry for those who suffer during the dream-fulfilling process,because I tell you,this company will fulfill your dreams in any way possible! This book series will probably make you shed a tear,because there are heartwarming parts and very sad parts.The author also said she cried a lot to write this book!

“Betapa Kak Ain asyik menangis tidak berpuas hati apabila plot tidak dapat disampaikan dengan menggunakan perkataan sebaik mungkin!”

Thanks for reading this review about this amazing book and go buy it for a price of RM18.00 at any major bookstore you could find! And also, be grateful for whatever you have okay? That might be the lesson for the series.

Bye bye sushies! >3<



Just a soon-to-be 11 year old,sushi lover,and an anime otaku (I suppose?) and also dreams of being a novelistar in the future

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